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=head1 SYNOPSIS Url handler functions for grabbing directory urls. =head1 DESCRIPTION This type of url was added as a response to the following request: I'm an AbiWord developer, and I keep the latest source tree in my abi directory. If I could make the abi spell (not to be confused with the abispell) use my current CVS checked-out tree, that would be nice. This file contains functions for I (actually it just copies, tars, and compresses) directories which can be accessed through the local file system. Url's of this type are specified using the format dir:// where is the full path to a directory that will be tarred and compressed for use by sorcery in casting a spell. =head1 COPYRIGHT Copyright 2002 by the Source Mage Team =head1 FUNCTIONS =over 4

function url_dir_get()



=item dl_get_dir Copies the specified dir url.